What Is A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is licensed, educated and trained in the policy coverage and state regulations and statutes that guide claims handling the
entitlements of the policyholder in first party property damage claims. Public adjusters work exclusively for the insured in an effort to achieve
a full financial recovery. Public adjusters, also known as PA’s are required to pass stringent certification examinations and attain surety bonds
before the Department of Insurance will grant a license. Many states also dictate continuing education requirements be met to maintain licensing.
Public Adjusters and attorneys are the only professions allowed by law to represent the insured.

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Why Should I Retain A Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster works on your behalf to maximize your property damage claim and your settlement for damages.
Public Adjusters know the insurance process inside and out, so they can minimize the hassle that comes with collecting documents and evidence,
and then negotiating with the insurance company. The adjuster will file all your pertinent paperwork with the insurance company, arrange for the
inspections of your damaged property if needed, and then haggle with the insurance company if it refuses to pay your full claim.

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Can A Public Adjuster Obtain A Higher Settlement from the Insurance Company?

In many cases the answer is YES.
The property owner will receive a higher settlement from the Insurance Company than if he/she does not use a Public Adjuster for the simple reason that the
claim will be presented much more favorably and with careful attention to the policy coverage.
In addition, a Public Adjuster will carefully evaluate the loss, search for hidden damages and verify that all damages are properly documented and filed in the claim.

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